Diesel the Australian Cattle Dog

I have been privileged throughout my career to have trained many different breeds of dogs from all over the world. One particular dog who came my way as a bit of problem child was Diesel an Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler). Diesel was fairly typical of a cattle dog, displaying the usual highly active traits. He displayed somewhat of a traditional cattle dog type being  very much a one man dog and would fearlessly guard is back yard which happened to be a 20000 acre farm in Queensland Australia.

Unfortunately Diesel’s family did not use him as a Herding dog on their Farm he was simply a family pet. This is where it all fell apart for Diesel he was quite simply way too driven to fit into the life as a family pet. Diesels’ owners looked into him being relocated into a farm environment however most of the Farming community were not in favour of chancing Diesel around their livestock. Concerned they may have to have Diesel put down they  give me a call and discuss what options I could offer.

I (an Australian) have a very soft spot for cattle dogs and suggested I come to their Farm and conduct some assessments on his home turf. He was absolutely everything a Police Dog Trainer would look for in a dog. Diesels retrieval drive was unbelievable. He would retrieve absolutely everything anywhere any time all day every day. I just fell in love with this dog and wanted to do the very best for him.

After spending significant time explaining the benefits of having him professionally trained the owners had decided they wanted to pursue having him re homed as they really did want a passive dog for their young family. I could not help myself and just had to get him into my care and train him as a Police Dog. For most they would not waste their time on this breed for the of a purpose of a Police Dog but this dog had  qualities rarely seen and I wanted to train him and give him the best possible outcome.

After Spending 8 months working and training with Diesel an opportunity came up for a specialist dog to join a team of highly trained special force trained personnel securing Gold shipments from a Major mine in the Asia Pacific Region. Diesels role is to be inside vehicles and Aircraft with his handler playing a protection role. The position required a breed of dog which could sit in small and often tight places and be at the ready to engage in any potential threat.

The breed of choice for my client was a Belgium Mallinois, however when they saw Diesel going through his training they saw a perfect fit for their needs. My client has a very clear understanding of their K9 needs and Diesel has become a wonderful testimony for the Australian cattle Dog as a Trained Working K9. Further to Diesels protection role when shipping Gold he is utilised supporting of the local police involved in providing a secure environment to the local community and landowners who are the Joint Venture Partners to a major Gold Mining Corporation.

Diesel’s presence is of great significant to the local community as local villagers mainly ladies work in the plantations. Over the years many local ladies and teenage girls have been Raped and Murdered in this region and since Diesel and his fellow K9 counterparts started using the plantations as training areas there have been no attacks on anyone in the Plantations. I was presented with a Small statue of an Eagle Bye the Chief and head landowners of this region as a symbol of appreciation for developing a K9 unit in their region. The Eagle signifies the local Sea Eagle which provides security to the local people.

Diesel is now referred to as The Bikpella (Local language for Big Man). Not bad for a short red headed country boy (with attitude).

Scott Donald

About Scott Donald

Scott Donald has over 25 years industry experience as a professional canine trainer and handler, and has trained and handled dogs for Pope John Paul 2, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and numerous heads of state.
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